Rumah Kecil – Kindergarten

Early childhood is the best time to start acquiring environment-friendly behaviors. We are firm believers that, through education, we can contribute to improving the environment.


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We have a program that implements a participatory approach that generates awareness and behaviour change in our children and the school community, so that they become catalysts for change in our society.

At Kindergarten level, our learning program is based on playing and project based learning. The learning program is promoted within cognitive, physical and social emotional development. We also use Jolly Phonic as our learning method to build their basic literacy foundation. Within the delivery of our curriculum, students use a range of multi-sensory learning approaches. We encourage our teachers to deliver lessons that are favourable to a range of multiple intelligences.

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Kindergarten Classes

Kindergarten A (4 -5 y.o), Kindergarten B (5 – 6 yo)

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