HoloPrism is an interactive product created by Octagon Studio. This holographic projector allows users to project characters contained in the Augmented Reality 4D + card series from Octagon Studio in a 360 degree view. You can bring out animals and dinosaurs from the Animals 4D +, Dinosaur 4D +, and Space 4D + applications from Octagon Studio in real time! All you have to do is download the Animals 4D +, Dinosaur 4D + and Space 4D + applications to get the card series through our store, then see what will happen? You will get a new pet.

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A set of octagon HoloPrism contains:
A square shaped pyramid base
A locking frame
A rubber suction cup

How to Use: Design octagon HoloPrism
open one of the application from Dinosaur 4D+, Animal 4D+, Space 4d+
select the ' Holomode ' mode on the menu
place holoprism at the top of the screen

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