Koding Next Bali

“Coding is fun. But this is also the most powerful and creative tool for children.
Because this is the FUTURE !!!”

Koding Next is the the only coding school in Indonesia that offers courses for all age groups, established in 2015 in Jakarta. Our complex curriculum consists of courses offered to ALL age groups. We are focused on developing our methodology to effectively teach technology to anyone. We follow technological trends to offer the newest and most effective tools and techniques in the fast changing educational World.
Why Koding Next ? Why coding ? Because it gives kids modern, unique and important education and develops logical thinking. Also what we promote is learning through fun and upgrades English communicative skills. Coding expands creativity and helps in problem solving. This is the future!

Jacek Kaczyński

Koding Next Communication Director


Children age 4 – 8 years



Children age 8 – 16 years


Koding Next
Koding Next Renon
Jalan Tukad Penet 8, Renon/Denpasar

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